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We are VUI expert. VUI provides you the new User Experience.
VUI has possibility which anybody can touch the technology.


You can provide Voice Experience to your customer from Amazon Echo and Google Home. If you already have own device, It might be able to provide Voice Experience from your device.

  • Private Workshop

    50 Euro / Hour

    We help you for publishing your Alexa Skill. This is one to one workshop. Mentor provides you knowledges and know-hows for makeing Alexa Skill more effectively. You can come to our office or We can go to your place.

  • Development B to C Alexa Skill

    from 250 Euro -

    We can develop the Alexa Skill to publish your skill to the Alexa Skill Store in the other countries). This plan is that we hear your requirements and developing by ours.

  • Development Private Alexa Skill

    from 850 Euro --

    We can develop the Private Alexa Skill for your company. with your Alexa for Business, If you use the AWS, We can publish your skill to your AWS environment. This skill can be used just inside in your company.

In the Workshop

  • 1. Hearing what you want to make

  • 2. Estimation, and I suggest you the term and charge for developing and publishing your skill.

    If you agree our suggestion. Step 3.

  • 3. Develop together.

    Basically, You should be develop your skill.

Development Steps

  • 1. Hearing your requirements

  • 2. Estimation, and I suggest the charge and term

    If you agree our suggestion. Step 3.

  • 3. Develop

  • 4. Launch your Skill to another contries)

Company info

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Tomoharu ITO
What we do
IOT Development with Voice Control System, Development
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