AWS community meetup @ De Koepel, Haarlem

De Koepel

14th of September, We finally hosted an AWS community meetup in Haarlem for maybe 3 years. The last meetup probably took place at Waaderpolder. We had 3 presentations about AWS Step Functions for beginners to intermediate level.

We had great speakers Sohan, Melody from AWS.

As we said in the last post, This is the first time that we used a place for free. It would not perform if there is no partnership between AWS and Cupolaxs.

They committed to the next meetup also free of charge too.

Step Functions outlines

Melody Huang presented some basic parts of Step Functions and also showed recent updates. You know what, AWS SDK integrations and Workflow Studio come you to massive evolution. Developers can visualize your logic easily on the Step Functions with Workflow Studio.

For a lot of purposes, we can use them.

Step Functions effective

Tomoharu (it’s me) presented some design patterns of State Machine from Serverless and Microservices perspective. He showed some bad cases when you mix AWS SDK integrations and Lambda function. And introduced patterns from his experience.

Explorer and Find your design patterns and share them at the meetup.

Demo and Q&A

Sohan presented a quick demo of Step Functions. It was the basic “Hello world” example. But it almost covered their features. Workflow Studio, writing ASL(Amazon States Language), automation by AWS-SAM. This is good for your getting started if you try Step Functions for the first time.

In the Q&A, There was a question that how we can do more stable resource management. Of course, AWS-SAM template we can make AWS resources in the template. But sometimes, for example, in enterprise-scale resources, there are huge differences in the lifespan of each resource This is just my opinion if the resource has a long lifespan, I suggest you define resources external of AWS-SAM. I usually use AWS CDK in that case.

Chance for everyone when you want to host meetup!

If you are interested in hosting the meetup in Haarlem, Let know, or also okay to DM me. We can push your back and support you.