Just began 2022

Retrospective to 2021

We did most contribution to

As an engineer. Development backend of Shifter. Shifter is the serverless based WordPress hosting platform. Secure, Familiar with JamStack. Modern Archtecture. And Loves developer community.


As an Infrastructure Engineer. Maintenance AWS infrastructure. Design and Suggest for new Service Archtecture. They are VR (Virtual Reality) and BT (Brain Tech) compnay.


As an Developer and Consultant. Improve Amazon Alexa Eco system in which they are providing service to the Hotels. Designing Cost effective architecture, Designing and Consulting for Voice Experience.

Temporary Supported

Naar toe 2022

I stopped setting the goal. This is not negative decision. Alternatively, I will do the small thing everyday.

  • Study Dutch
  • Study AWS Certification
  • Study English