JAWS-UG KOBE Alexa MeetUp #12 newcomer night

This is the 12th Alexa Meetup at KOBE, Japan

18 April 2018

We held JAWS-UG MeetUp in Japan.

I would like to introduce a mood at the meetup.




togetter (Japanese)




Entrance is really difficult to find. Most of the attendees who is the first time be getting lost on their way. 🙂


Echo dot with IFTTT

The first session was from Mr.Kitakado. He spoke that He tries to linking about Amazon Echo dot with IFTTT.


He encountered text garbling the notification from IFTTT. He immediately posted his question on Twitter. Someone will surely make a response to you.



Voice Assistant to your business.

The second speaker is Mr. Keiichi. He introduced what is good situations of using Voice Assistant from his experience in his business.

Voice Assistant has the capability which old people can use this. And He said Alexa can use in B2B and B2B2C. ex) recipient,  seller, etc…


Echo show

The third Speaker is Miss. Isaka. She introduced her Echo Show in her house.

She was wondering about account problem between Amazon.com and Amazon.co.jp.  When she said ‘Tadaima’ to Alexa, Alexa said something in English. That is the very confusing situation. But many people look like have same problems.


Echo with his wife

The fourth speaker is Mr.Akiyama. He introduced he try to explain what Echo is.

His wife called Echo to ‘The Wild black bar Guy!’

link to presentation



Just keep checking this post. I keep updating.

Enjoy Voice Experience!


Media interview on SmartHacks Magazine

Interview with a Developer of Alexa Skill

HugTech.io’s interview has listed in SmartHacks Magazine from Japan.

In this interview, I spoke about Alexa skills and AVS prototypes which I made,  lifestyle in the Netherlands, and Community.

Sorry, this Article is written in Japanese.


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Alexa Skills


Jump to the Skill page when you click the icon.


This blog will be speaking from Amazon Echo soon.

Enjoy Voice Experience.

JAWS-UG NL AlexaMeetup#01

April 11, 2018. Wednesday.

We held the first meetup of Amazon.Alexa in the Netherlands.



Alexa meetup( on Haarlem.tech )

Alexa meetup( on JAWS-UG the Netherlands)


Thanks for all!

This meetup has collaborated with JAWS-UG the Netherlands and Haarlem.tech.

Thanks,  all attendees!


Big Thanks to Mr. Max Amordeluso(EU Lead Evangelist Alexa)


Thanks to speakers from Japan!


Tomoharu Ito

Hidetaka Okamoto

Jun Ichikawa

Now We are collecting another speakers one.


Organized by


JAWS-UG the Netherlands.


After the festival…


See you at the next meetup!

Enjoy Voice Experience!


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