JAWS-UG NL AlexaMeetup#01

April 11, 2018. Wednesday.

We held the first meetup of Amazon.Alexa in the Netherlands.



Alexa meetup( on Haarlem.tech )

Alexa meetup( on JAWS-UG the Netherlands)


Thanks for all!

This meetup has collaborated with JAWS-UG the Netherlands and Haarlem.tech.

Thanks,  all attendees!


Big Thanks to Mr. Max Amordeluso(EU Lead Evangelist Alexa)


Thanks to speakers from Japan!


Tomoharu Ito

Hidetaka Okamoto

Jun Ichikawa

Now We are collecting another speakers one.


Organized by


JAWS-UG the Netherlands.


After the festival…


See you at the next meetup!

Enjoy Voice Experience!


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