Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Okayama, Wakayama are one of the prefectures in Japan.

We are going to hold the co-organized meetup with above 5 prefectures at 16 May 2018.

This is named to Alexa.west



  • TBD( JAWS-UG Okayama)
  • TBD中( JAWS-UG Kyoto)
  • Making Radio streaming Alexa Skill even if I was a beginner. (JAWS-UG WAKAYAMA Seiji Yamaguchi)
  • Experience of A4B 。 (JAWS-UG KOBE)
  • Amazon.Chime, Amazon.Connect and Alexa (JAWS-UG Osaka)

co-organized Branches

  • JAWS-UG Osaka
  • JAWS-UG Okayama
  • JAWS-UG Wakayama
  • JAWS-UG Kyoto

JAWS-UG all branches information


JAWS-UG KOBE Facebook Community believes the power of community.

Let’s join our community





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