Alexa Day 2019


Space Alpha Sannomiya – KOBE, Japan

Fully Amazon Alexa Focusing Conference and of the around ML, IoT technologies of AWS.
– Shift to Voice First –

Attendees 200 (Registrations 240)
Supporters: 24
Speakers: 18 + 7 challengers.
Staffs: 17

This is fully organized by volunteers from the AAJUG (Amazon Alexa Japan User Group) and JAWS-UG (Japan AWS User Group) community.

For Designers, Builders, and all interesters.

There were many sessions with many scopes. VUX Designing, Deep diving of development, Operations, Analytics, collaborating with Machine Learning, Case Studies in Cooking, Alexa Skills of Traffic company, and workshops.

Workshop for families

For families, Of making a robot who is controlled by Amazon Alexa.
All programming with Node-RED. Visual Style programming and building some board.

Blueprints Lab

Recently, Alexa Blueprints was launched in Japan. There were petit Labo of Blueprints with Alexa Evangelist. People all were surprised how quick with launching a skill!

After Party

Many attendees participated After Party. Many ‘real’ discussions. Have a mixing all of the contributors.

Go Next

We changed the Name of this event to ‘Voice Con Japan” to be more globally.
Enjoy Voice World Community, Enjoy more Humanic Ways of interaction.