Re:Cap Re:Invent

The re:Invent is the biggest AWS conference in the world.  The post is a self-report(retrospective) at the re:Invent.


Meet with Alexa EU Team

I went to join the breakfast with Alexa EU Team.

I helped to make AWS Certification in August.

  • Assisted in the development of AWS Certification Examinations by serving as a subject matter expert.

They are Amazonian, other Alexa’s expert and AWS Hero.


Stay together

We stayed a condominium with JAWS-UG community members. Here was the best place! It’s center of Las Vegas.

And, All JAWS-UG KOBE core organizers gathered at Vegas for the first time. It took for 3 years. That was my pleasure!

Meet Alexa Champions


As Alexa Champion, I and Hide joined the Alexa Champions meetup.

We could introduce our activity and discussing how to enhance the Japanese NLU.

In the future, They may join us.



Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!  Lambda!Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!

Finally!  AWS Lambda officially support Ruby!

There were many useful new service and features.


AWS Lambda Support Ruby.


Lambda Layers

With lambda layers, We can integrate the common logic into a layer.


Step Functions supports eight more services

We can import the data from Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, AWS Batch, AWS Glue, and Amazon SageMaker.

So We can do more less code.


For Amazon Alexa

Amazon Personalize

I had been expecting how to personalize Alexa Skill.

AWS personalize analyzes consumer needs and respond automatically by using ML power.


Machine Learning Model Marketplace.

Alexa will be growth with Amazon SageMaker to enhance User Experience.

But Many people are not familiar with Machine Learning.

I think that The marketplace of ML models is really useful and much easier to implement ML technologies.



I joined 3 workshops.

I really excited with AVS Echo show development kit!



I recommend 2 tutorials.


Foot Print


AWS-UG Booth

There was Community Booth at the Expo floor.

I could talk with other countries UG leaders.


Martijn (Organizer of AWS Amsterdam) came to our booth.

He presented his knowledge at besides our booth.

That was precious time.


Community Workshop



At the night,  In the community leaders workshop.

Hiromi Ito talked as represent of JAWS-UG.

She is really passionating for community activities.



We were burning at the front!!!