Alexa Dev Summit 2018 Tokyo

This is a report of Alexa Dev Summit 2018 @ Meguro Tokyo Japan. This is the big conference which focused on Amazon Alexa. I attended to talk about our community (Amazon Alexa Japan User Group a.k.a AAJUG) I’m surprised with attendees who had a big passion for the Amazon Alexa.

Community Session.

The post is the summary with complementation what I want to talk at the session.

First Part: Are you enjoying VUX?

VUX is a natural way to interact between device and people.
GUI tend with becoming systematic. People had to be gotten along with the system. So people were expecting the system is completely moved even if there was just one petit fail. 
In VUI world, We may be able to accept several fails in conversation. When I talk with my friends, if I could not listen a part of the content, You ask it again, don’t you? You are not angry.

Basically, Voice is ambiguous.  So we speak each other on the premise that making a mistake.

I surely understand there are many situations that VUX must not make mistake(e.g: medical scene). But I think this use case seems few.

VUX may bring a generousity to connecting the technology. That’s why I like VUX interaction.

Second Part: Lightning Talks

Three community members talk about their experience.

Jun Kawaoka

He was making Alexa Skill in Sapporo. the skill called “the trash calendar” This skill was pulled the gathering trash data which published by the government. Unfortunately, Data was a PDF. Then Government changed this data to the open data. I think this is a really nice sample which the government is moved by an Alexa skill.

Rie Motoki

She is a VUX designer. She is really passionate to the Voice Experience. So She talked about her experience why she dive deep to the community.


Miso Tanaka

He is not an engieer. But he was launching several Alexa Skills and Many prototypes which Some IoT Device links to Alexa. 

Third Part: Through the community

at the networking party(Day 1). 

The community is an opportunity to output your knowledge what you like things. It was Alexa in my experience. AAJUG has over 450 members. It was raised up more 300 members in a year. But I think that the Size of the community does not matter.
Because freshness of Community depends on how many members who have big passion.
I would like to talk… “Let’s do output and share your Alexa knowledge and Experience at the community!”
You will get the big feedbacks depends on the number of your outputs.
If you are hesitating to output your Alexa knowledge, It is nonsense.

  • You don’t need provides correct knowledge.
  • You don’t need provides really difficult knowledge.
  • When you feel your experience seems a little bit useful for other people, Please talk at the community.

And, AAJUG is a not developer community. Designer, Planner, Seller, Marketer, and any other people can join us. We hope that People will be collaborating with each other naturally in the AAJUG community.


Thanks all attendees, staffs, and all amazonians.